I think she made sure the performance review couldn’t be brought up for lack of time. How do I bring it up? Chat? Email?


Do you get that fear that if you bungle a project at work you’re currently doing, there’s a huge chance you will get fired for it? I’m having that feeling right now.

This is not how I envisioned my Monday to start the new week. But urgent weekend office work can certainly mess up your mental state.

Damn! I hate last minute submissions of deliverables. No heart attacks, please!


The new year is starting out a bit more badder and meaner than the last year. And my insecurity about job security is stronger than ever. Not good at all. Might as well die now than lose my livelihood. Sucks to be poor.


Rape is not my cup of tea. Guys, there’s this thing called consensual sex.


There’s something fundamentally wrong about your Human Resources if they keep on asking the same set of papers from you year-in and year-out just to comply with medical insurance requirements. They are supposed to hold on and take care of your documents previously submitted, not ask copies from you every single time they’re needed.


I feel like a door closed on me with that tiny bit of knowledge.


While waiting for my wife to finish her medical checkup, I ordered coffee and a sandwich at a Starbucks in the hospital premises and sat down for a leisurely breakfast. Later, a store staff started going table-to-table and reminded patrons to throw their trash properly on proper bins.

But there was something in his approach that ticked me off. I put my facial mask back on, stood up and headed to the counter to confront the staff for what he just did.

“Dude, you don’t do that. That’s plainly disrespectful to us customers.”

“But I’m just reminding everyone…”

“You don’t have to do that. There are signs all over the place. And we know how to bus our own tables. You don’t have to insult your patrons.”

I didn’t raise my voice. I merely whispered. Then I quickly walked away to return to my spot, took my facial mask off, and resumed drinking my coffee.


Earthquake! Started with a quick vertical shaking and then shifted to a horizontal swaying. Surely instances when time feels like it’s moving so slow.

Conversations about food cravings are always welcome in my book. Hours will pass without me noticing it.


Longing for your presence. But I guess you already know that.


“Open it! Open it! Open it!”, says the envelope. “Okay! Okay! Okay!”, I said. I hope this GOMO! service is good. But it’s just riding on Globe infrastructure so I’m not putting high hopes on this. #GOMO! #WeDontStop! #WeGOMO! #Internet #Prepaid


I don’t remember being part of any census prior to today. Now I feel that I’m really old. #CensusOfPopulationAndHousing


So what is the .blog domain name anyway? Just move along, no one cares.

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